What is intranet analytics?

Google Analytics latte (Credit Yuko Honda)Intranet analytics is to process and act on statistics and information gathered on an intranet. It can range from simple things like see if anyone at all visit a page to evaluate the campaigns you have run in several different channels.
The reason that one should do analytics is to learn how the site is used, act based on data and report to stakeholders the benefits the intranet continually brings to the organisation. The interesting thing to measure is the results of intentional changes, its beneficial effect that is, and usually it is the trend that is relevant rather than statistics in real terms .

There are a plethora of different tools for this and we have assembled a list of suggestions here.

Why intranet analytics?

Intranet analytics is the activity to see if a site lives up to its purpose, if it already meets or is on track to meet the goals of the site. In other words, one must know what one wants to achieve with the intranet to know which metrics are relevant, otherwise it is not very worthwhile to work with intranet analytics.
Choose a few, easy to understand measurements to work with, and ensure that these measurements describe the site’s contribution to the operation’s success or challenges.

This means that you have set up one or more goals, breaking them down into something that can be measured and then use the intranet analytics tool to see if the work makes the intranet approach the goal.

It is worth thinking through the goals we want to measure. For an example, to measure the goal of having many views per visitor does not necessarily mean that visitors appreciate the website – visitor might be lost in the navigation. The same dubious value can be the number of visits, unique visitors, time spent on the site and more.

There are two different types of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and you need both kinds :

  • Quantitative measurements that provide figures on how the site is performing, for example, all the information about the visitors as a group you can glean in a statistical tool. These measurements provide answers to how, when, and what about the visitors, as what equipment they have, when they visit the site, where they came from and so on.
  • Qualitative measurements are more of the visitors experience as they themselves put it. These values ​​are more in the form of text than numbers and it could be issues explained in a site survey, interviews and features on the site which allows the visitor to talk about what they thought of their experience or what they have just read.

Your KPIs need to be both quantitative and qualitative and the metrics that are most valuable are those that relate to the business objectives. Among other things, if one conducts some form of commerce on a public website it is easier to connect the commercial purpose of the statistics. Then you prioritise which measurable economic values ​​that are most important to steer towards , for example , it may be the percentage of visitors converting to customers, or average order value per customer.

What measurable business value do your intranet have? When you have such a list of business goals, or measurable use cases, to measure your intranet you are ready to begin doing intranet analytics.

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