Tools for intranet analytics

To get started on the subject of intranet analytics I thought some suggestions of tools and products may do the trick. These tools gather the data, get the statistics sorted out and work with analytics for your intranet, or extranet, perhaps.

Intranet analytics

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry-standard on the public web and is also used by many organizations on their intranets.

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Piwik is a open source alternative for those who don’t want to share data on their users behaviour. Piwik offers a demo you can check out here. Piwik is also capable of crunching server-logs, so there is not really necessary to use client-based techniques for tracking visitors.

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IBM Unica NetInsight

Unica is designed to be used on-premise instead of cloud-based solutions like Google Analytics that leak visitor data to third parties.

Read more about Unica NetInsight »

IBM Digital Analytics (formerly Coremetrics Web Analytics)

Offers, among other features, comparative benchmarks and knowledge of how the best performers reach their successes.

View screenshots of Digital Analytics etc at »

Angelfish Web Analytics for Intranets

Web analytics software which can be installed on-premise (ie. within your network) to control collected data. Sometimes intranet/extranet analytics need to store customer data and other sensitive information most prefer to keep close.


How do the users engage with the intranet? »

NextSTAT Web Analytics & Traffic Statistics

Hosts the solution for you and all you do is put a tracking-code on your pages.

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Got hit counters as well as website analytics.

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Lists some major publishing firms as their customers.

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Webtrends Reinvigorate

Works with realtime data and heatmaps.

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Claims to be the simplest analytics in the world.

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Clicky Real Time Web Analytics

You can inspect an individual visitors journey on your intranet. Live demo here.

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Provides an overview to see all websites on a single page.

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HitsLink Web Analytics

Visual presentation of a website’s performance. Public demo can be found here.

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Offers proactive tools on where to make improvement of your pages. Public demo here.

Check out VisiStat here »


Founded 1993 and support multi-channel measurement.

Read more about Webtrends at »

Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture)

More on Adobe Analytics at »

AWStats Log Analyzer

Open source tool that analyzes the web server logs and display the data on a web page. Used at lots of web hosting firms.

Check out AWStats at »


Services starting at 125 USD per year.

See packages of OneStats »

Crazy Egg

Tracking user behaviour made simple with Crazy Egg.

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Records users sessions on the intranet for you to analyze.

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Perform A/B-testing or multivariate testing on your intranet.

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Instant and also retroactive analytics on your data.

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Snowplow Analytics

Snowplow Analytics main feature is as an event data pipeline, which makes it ideal to track users on multiple channels – perfect for digital workplace analytics!

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Cardio Analytics for Sharepoint and Office 365

Designed specifically for Microsoft SharePoint, Cardio Analytics stands by the belief that a business can only manage what it measures. These measurements aims to play a huge role in savings, productivity and overall success. Analytic reports are shown in a simple and easily understood fashion. Available in on-prem as well as cloud-based solutions.

Go to » is one of the tools to check the intranet’s performance, as in how fast its perceived to be, but also some guidance for the intranet content. Pretty much qualitative analytics, if not performed on a quantitative scale.

Did we leave out your favourite analytics tool? Please post a comment.

4 Replies to “Tools for intranet analytics”

  1. A great tool when it comes to intranet analytics is Cardio Analytics. Designed specifically for SharePoint, Cardio Analytics stands by the belief that a business can only manage what it measures. These measurements, which fit your companies specific need,s play a huge role in savings, productivity and success. Analytic reports are shown in a simple and easily understood fashion. Available in on-prem and cloud-based solutions, click this link for more

  2. Thanks, quite a comprehensive list. I believe open source will drive innovation and momentum in data analytics space, and will be more and more embraced by enterprises as fear, uncertainty and doubt has been something in the past. Even Microsoft has been investing on open source after several years of “fighting” – especially with Linux.

    What I would add to this list is Countly, a web and mobile analytics platform with error reporting and push notifications. It has a very beautiful interface, works with many devices and SDKs and downloadable from Github: . We love open source too, and providing our product to the masses by contributing back.

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