Guide to Web Analytics – an introduction

This material on web analytics was left over when I wrote on the book Web Strategy for Everyone, a book now available from the publisher Intranätverk ›

This is an intro for you who do not yet know if web analytics is for you.

Does your website have any visitors? Do you care about what the users do and whether they manage to achieve something beneficial during their visit? If you do not work at all with web analytics or measurability, one can wonder what the point is to publish anything at all. To work actively with web analytics is your chance to know if your website-related work and investments are meaningful – take that chance! Continue reading “Guide to Web Analytics – an introduction”

Tools to troubleshoot performance issues on your intranet

An obvious hurdle to troubleshoot your intranet is that it is not accessible from services on the web. For instance it’s quite hard for Pingdom’s Website speed test to reach your intranet and many more appreciated tools are useless. But don’t despair, there is still some great tools. Some of them act as plugins to your web browser, other is stand-alone applications for your computer.
Come along!

It’s worth mentioning that my book, Web Strategy for Everyone, also covers backend aspects of intranet performance optimization. Check it out, only cost you ten bucks › Continue reading “Tools to troubleshoot performance issues on your intranet”