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This book’s publisher, Intranätverk, recently published a manifesto. Read below. Already being an author of one book I can only praise such an initiative. Being a niche-author is not as glamorous as some people seem to believe. Currently I make 7.3 EUR when I sell a book, but to make that sale I had to finance my own inventory. So, I bought a lot of my own books. For 7 EUR each, and if someone buys it I’ll make 0.3 EUR. This is called self-publishing, and it’s not really a great incentive to authors.

Well, the English edition of the web strategy book is published by Intranätverk and I’m inclined to publish all my future books this way since it lets me focus on writing.

Intranätverk’s publisher manifesto

We at Intranätverk publish books that we like, we care about and we think will help you! We are on a mission to deliver valuable and useful knowledge.

As an independent publisher we care about the quality of our books, about our authors and our customer service.

We like to be in touch with everyone who reads the books we publish, because our authors and we care about what you think about the books, so please tell us! It is how we keep improving what we offer.

We love publishing books and we hope you love reading them. If you like our books, we would love you to buy them directly from us. If you do, all the money goes towards investing in new books and authors.

If you buy directly from us you will also get:

  • all the updates for the ebook you buy
  • an ebook version included with every print version of the book
  • free shipping via post

For the sake of transparency: We share profits 50/50 with our authors. 

Kristian Norling, September 2015

Also, read Mark Morrell’s take on the publisher manifesto, he’s also an author on Intranätverk.

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