Still editing the Web Strategy book

Glenmorangie CompantaIt’s not a tradition yet, but last time I published a book I celebrated by opening a sought-after whisky. That time it was a Glenmorangie Companta, companta apparently means friendship in Gaelic. Very suitable since I wrote the Swedish edition of the book with my dear colleagues in mind.

For the publishing of the English edition of my book I chose a Macallan from 1997 – the year when I met my wife for the very first time.So, when is the book to be published, then? Well, I strived towards the end of last year but the editing is not done yet. Since I am Swedish there is no point in being sloppy with the editing when releasing a book in my second language. We’re one-third through the editing, and when we find time to complete the book it’s probably just a couple of days of work.

I’ll keep you posted.

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