Want to review Web Strategy for Everyone?

The book Web Strategy for Everyone will be released within a few days, initially as an ebook. If you want a review copy get in touch and my publisher will send you a free copy, they have a couple dedicated for reviewers.

How to qualify for a review copy

First of all, you have to have somewhere to publish your review, of course. It is not a requirement that you have a lot of visitors or followers. But preferably your publication/blog is tech or web related.

You are expected to have written your review within a month, and please let us know when you have and we’ll post a link to your review on Twitter and our other channels.

Get in touch via Twitter if you want a review copy.

Some facts about the book

All in all, there are 80 pictures and 60 000 words spread over 212 pages. The printed book will be released late this summer. The book is published by Intranätverk, they also offer books about the digital workplace, intranet governance, and more.

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