Mobile performance and usability of Fortune 500 companies

Web Strategy for Everyone in print

How cocky can I, as a Scandinavian, be of our accomplishments and our impression on the global mobile industry? I’m of course thinking about Nokia and Ericsson! Both previously makers of mobile handsets, and nowadays making magic on the backend of cellular network technology, worldwide.

Do we still have that digital head start that we fought so hard for in the 1990s? Obviously, this blog post won’t give a definitive answer to that question. But this is my contribution to the subject of an eventual Scandinavian lead in the mobile industry and perspective on mobile tech, usability and the need for speed. How do Sweden as a nation compare to the US regarding the, once again, popular concept of “digitization”. Well, this post is a attempt to start comparing, and to give you as a reader some data to begin benchmarking your website against the really big companies of Fortune 500, and the biggest ones of Sweden.

My book, Web Strategy for Everyone, deals with the issues of both speed and user needs when on mobile. Also a lot on design principles such as mobile first, responsive web design, adaptive, single page applications (SPA) and progressive web apps. Buy the book Web Strategy for Everyone directly from the publisher Intranätverk. Continue reading “Mobile performance and usability of Fortune 500 companies”

Publisher manifesto

The fish market of Gothenburg

This book’s publisher, Intranätverk, recently published a manifesto. Read below. Already being an author of one book I can only praise such an initiative. Being a niche-author is not as glamorous as some people seem to believe. Currently I make 7.3 EUR when I sell a book, but to make that sale I had to finance my own inventory. So, I bought a lot of my own books. For 7 EUR each, and if someone buys it I’ll make 0.3 EUR. This is called self-publishing, and it’s not really a great incentive to authors.

Well, the English edition of the web strategy book is published by Intranätverk and I’m inclined to publish all my future books this way since it lets me focus on writing. Continue reading “Publisher manifesto”

Last round of proof-reading

Word cloud for the book Web Strategy for Everyone

Soon, the last round of proof-reading will begin. This time by a person who is actually English and has English as native language. In other words, publishing in November is still probable.

At the top of this post you find a word cloud of the manuscript. Regard it as a small insight on what the book is trying to cover and what wordings you can expect 🙂

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