Hooray! Internet Explorer died today…

At last, Microsoft has finally caught up and stopped pretending that ancient versions of Internet Explorer is something worth keeping. Today they killed (FINALLY!1!) the support for all versions except the latest one, version 11.

I suspect that they would ideally spend all their focus in their new browser, Edge, but it might give too many angry corporate customers.

Some of us still remember Internet Explorer 6

We, old-timers in the web, is still upset over Internet Explorer 6, even though it is a couple of years since it disappeared from even the most slow organizations in the public sector in Sweden. Internet Explorer 6 was really good when it arrived, but was woefully poor during the last years of its life. The bottom line is that no browser version should live more than a year.

For us working with the web, it really is nothing new.  We should not design anything to work in one or a few browsers that happens to be current right now. If we follow the design principle of progressive enhancement, ensuring a design’s usability in both new and old browser. As icing on the cake we are then not:

  • Dependant of Javascript.
  • Do not make it complicated for the search engines.
  • Set up barriers for those with disabilities.
  • Most likely, it has also resolved about half of the challenges of web performance without even focusing on it.

If you’re looking for a longer rant on the advantages of progressive enhancement? This is that concludes the chapter on web design in the book Web Strategy for Everyone.

My web developing friend Filip expresses his feelings for Internet Explorer 8-10 this way:

Very nice to once and for all throw out all the old fallbacks. Right now it actually feels like Safari is the elephant in the room, which will be harder to ignore …
Filip Andersson

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